Shred: Days 5-7

Wow, it was a wild weekend! I did managed to get in my daily dose of Jillian. Although it wasn’t exactly welcomed, it was by no means hard.

I suppose I should take measurements so that I can see a before and after. I must admit that while I’m incorporating Jillian in my life for 30 days, I’m not doing much else different in the form of diet and exercise. So fitting in her 30 minute workout (2 warm-up, 18 actual intense workout minutes, 2 cool down) is not a hard task. I guess my idea is to see what just adding this workout regime into my normal daily life will do. After 7 days I can safely say a few things:

  1. I can complete regular push-ups for the first 30 seconds, but have to give up and do girly ones after 10 seconds the second time around. This is a huge feat, I think. I’m hoping in 3 more days I can go the full time both times.
  2. My body feels tighter, but I’m not seeing much difference, yet.
  3. I can squat lower, lunge lower, and do arm lifts the whole 2 minutes without dragging.
  4. My muscles are no longer sore the next day.
  5. I’m still grunting alot.
  6. Which essentially means it still isn’t easy.

When I get a tape measure I’ll let you know. I can tell you that after four days, I weighed myself and wasn’t particularly happy. I’m hoping that it’s just that muscle weighs more than fat, but I have a feeling that the cocktails and pizza didn’t help.

In other news…was there any other news?

  • a Royal wedding
  • arbor day celebration/tree dedication for my grandma
  • wedding & reception
  • grading papers
  • extended easter celebration/anniversary party/birthday cake
  • Bobby Bare, Jr. show at Off Broadway
  • Osama Bin Laden’s death

Nope, nothing else. I’ll just keep “shredding” on.



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1 Response to Shred: Days 5-7

  1. Leslie says:

    grunting is all part of the game!! despite my new doc (accupressure guy) telling me not to, i finally got through with my 5-lbers on level 2 … on my 6th try. plus i got through the jump twists part. she does say that she wants us “feeling like you’re going to die” … and i do. it takes me a good 5-10 minutes after to feel somewhat normal. but it’s over so quickly, it’s worth the time! and i read lots of reviews about people not losing weight as fast as they thought they would. i think jillian’s idea is to build muscle … because if you just lose fat, then you end up saggy. you have to build the muscle first … i think 🙂

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