Blog Slacker, Not SHRED Slacker…

Just popping in here to let you know that I have not ended my challenge. I have currently completed 3 days of Level 2, which means I have 13 of 30 days under my belt. I have just had a VERY FULL and fulfilling weekend, which included ending-of-semester grading (60 essays), attendance reports, yoga, farmer’s market, house-buying celebration, mom’s day brunch and dinner. I will give a more detailed account as I find time.

For now:

  1. Level 2 is HARD; makes me nervous for level 3
  2. My abs finally feel like they are getting worked during the workout AND the next day.
  3. If you have even a mild form of vertigo, beware: the up & down will make even the most balanced dizzy.
  4. The muscle soreness is a welcomed sign that I’m getting stronger.
  5. The 30 minutes is easy to fit in; you really have no excuse (although you WILL need to shower after).

Until next time,



About everythingandnothing2010

writer, resource creator, yogi, composition instructor, tutor, soap maker, urban gardener, novice cook, experimental vegetarian, self-proclaimed foodie: a lover of life!
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