Half way: Days 11-15

High of 95 today. Although I don’t think we reached it, its been quite muggy the last couple days. It’s spring in the Lou: snow storms, floods, tornadoes, and high humidity. Well, I suppose that’s any time in St. Louis; we did have a tornado to ring in the New Year. High humidity in the spring means anything I do inside is uncomfortable because Bill says the A.C. will not be turned on until July. Normally, I wouldn’t care, but when Jillian Michaels is in the mix, this makes for rough mornings.

While I welcomed the change of the new level, I wasn’t prepared for day one. I recommend watching the exercises before attempting. The up and downs in this level WILL make you dizzy. I know I said that before, but I really mean it. It has gotten better since the first day of the level; it helps knowing what’s coming next.

Also in level one, I had time between sets to take a swig of water; so far in level two, I can’t catch my breath to swallow the water, so I’ve stopped trying. Now I just wait for the sweat dripping off my brow.

Going into day 12, my body was sore, my butt hurt; I could barely walk stairs, but I powered through and finished off with free yoga in the park. Thought that would be relaxing…

Birds chirping, breeze blowing, planks what?

But the grand oak trees and the calm reality of the teacher made it all worth it when he said: “I never said this shit was easy.” And my arms would attest to that statement on the morning of day 13.

But again, I kept my challenge and at the end of day 15 my arms are no longer sore. Now I’m working on getting lower for the next 5 days. I haven’t taken any measurements so I don’t know any exacts, and I try not to pay too much attention to a scale, so I won’t be weighing until day 31, but I can tell those wondering that I feel so good wiping the sweat from my face every morning. It isn’t even hard to get up anymore. I have more energy and the milk crate in which I carry all of my student’s journals doesn’t feel quite as heavy anymore. Maybe it’s because the semester is over tomorrow, maybe it’s because half of them dropped, maybe it’s something else. You decide.

One good thing about the muggy spring, Jillian, and no A.C.: my floors get wet-mopped every morning!

Until next time…



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1 Response to Half way: Days 11-15

  1. Leslie says:

    waiting until july for a/c is a little excessive! granted, we live in an attic space – when it’s 75 outside, it’s about 90 inside. we had to turn ours on … luckily we don’t pay the electric bill!

    piece of advice for the dizziness … this hasn’t gotten any better for me and i have one more day of level 2. i pretty much feel nauseous from the 2nd cardio on, but it got a 1000 times worse last night when steve started cooking – turkey tacos at that. the smell of food in the background almost did me in … so i’d suggest to make sure no one is cooking anything while you’re working out. i’m excited for level 3 though – i’m getting bored with this one – and that in no way means it has gotten easier for me!

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