End of Level 2, co-ops, rainy days, champagne cocktails…

A grouchy German is a sour kraut. A sour kraut with a grapefruit & champagne cocktail is my Sunday companion. Seriously, how can I not love my life when I get to hang out with this guy every day? So maybe a Level 2 celebration with Three Monkeys brunch and champagne cocktails isn’t quite on Jillian Michael’s list, but I’m more worried about having a good time with the time I have than having the perfect body. I just do Jillian to afford the opportunity to enjoy these cocktails and not really worry about the extra calories. Besides, this was fresh grapefruit from the Holly Hills co-op that Bill and I juiced using our new Breville juicer, so they are healthy cocktails…and this juicer is AMAZING.

The rain kept me away from the Tower Grove free yoga this weekend, but I still spent quite a bit of time outside: removed the walking path and ground cover from the garden to make way for tilling…when the ground dries again; met up with Leslie & Steve after their 5K at Benton Park; then found Andrew at the Tour de Grove and supported the US Handcycling part of the event. These athletes braved some pretty nasty (I suppose it could be worse) weather, rain, wind, and a chilling 52 degrees. How was it 95 degrees three days ago? I was wrapped up in a scarf like it was the middle of winter, but had no socks on (wasn’t the most prepared).

This is why we don’t turn the air on until July.



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writer, resource creator, yogi, composition instructor, tutor, soap maker, urban gardener, novice cook, experimental vegetarian, self-proclaimed foodie: a lover of life!
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