Kelli’s Famous Buffalo Chicken Crock Pot Recipe

Easy Peasy. I did make it the other night, but I was in such a producing/cooking mood, that I failed to type it out before I got sucked into making brownies for Easter lunch (Bob’s Mill Gluten Free Brownie Mix). So here it goes; this one may get passed you if you blink; it’s so easy:

Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast (4-5 breasts)

Franks ORIGINAL Hot Sauce (a full small bottle or 1/2 a big bottle approx. 6 ounces): I was really PLEASANTLY surprised by Franks ingredients.

5 Tbsp Butter

Ranch Dressing Mix: Kelli uses a packet of Hidden Valley Ranch Dry Mix, but I’m kind of a pureist at times so I had to find a receipe to make it from scratch and without the gluten.

Blue Cheese Crumbles (topping)

A crockpot

Meat in. Franks in. Ranch Dressing Seasoning in. Butter in. Set on low for 9 hours. Shred with fork. Serve over lettuce, on a bun, over French Fries (my healthy husband’s idea), garish with blue cheese crumbles. Enjoy. For days.



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writer, resource creator, yogi, composition instructor, tutor, soap maker, urban gardener, novice cook, experimental vegetarian, self-proclaimed foodie: a lover of life!
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